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PROTEST4 / interview



PROTEST4 / photos by  J. Quast


PROTEST4 / documentary devised theatre, 2020, 120min, German and English

Theater Erlangen, premiere 12.09.20 

Winning concept of the Regienachwuchswettbewerb 2020 (young stage direction contest) at Theater Erlangen / Vol. IV Umbrüche

supported by Goethe Institute Chile

concept and directed by Anastasija Bräuniger


Extract from Nachtkritikthe Regienachwuchswettbewerb 2020 (Young Stage Direction Competition) jury's statement :

"The concept is convincing on several levels: It is theatrical, open to real encounters, pursues a concrete political approach yet manages to appear both playful and light. The concentrated energy, the uncompromising seriousness, the curiosity about other people and their lives and last but not least the humour of the submitted concept give hope for a project that manages to connect and enrich different people in different countries.”

Anker 1

Extract from Erlanger Nachrichten, 15.09.20: "The winner of the Erlangen Theatre's Young Directors Competition does not venture onto dramaturgical ice, but thinks through her subject and its staging in all directions. (...) A multi-perspectival juxtaposition and coexistence that serves its purpose perfectly (...) The director cunningly lets the actors stage the possibilities and pitfalls of the play. (...). A daring, but functioning course. 

Extract from Bayrischen Staatzeitung, 18.09.20: "

"The (theatre) here becomes a reflection of the real world, a space for reflection. PROTEST4 clearly has a political dimension that informs but not in a schoolmaster way. The viewer is left to think for himself (...) Chamber theatre - with immediate proximity to what is happening - which sharpens the view of the subject and makes one ask about motives and those rebelling. The winning concept works, remains exciting and lively throughout."​

PROTEST 4 focuses on the personal stories of young protesters from Beirut, Santiago de Chile and Hong Kong and their relation to the social movements. 

What would prompt me – actor, theatre maker, member of the audience, member of a society – to take to the streets. What kind of circumstances, events, coincidences make a person change from being a (mere) observer to being an active protester? And what can we learn here from each other – geographical, national and cultural borders notwithstanding?


Max Mehlhose-Löffler, Nina Lilith Völsch,

E, Bernard Hage, Amanda Tapia Levi

Anastasija Bräuniger

Linus Lutz

Louis Caspar Schmitt

Josefine Lukschy und Alexander Meurer

Bernard Hage, Nicolás Lange, Amanda Tapia Levi, Linus Lutz, ensemble and more



concept and directed by

concept and dramaturgy

stage / costume / video

music / sound



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