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FILM (recent selection)

in preproduction / shooting in fall 2023:

2023 Die Werkspionin, short film, Cellentani (main role)

director: Sebastian Nordmann, Berlin

2019-23 einfachMaria, mini series, Vicky (main cast),

director: Jan Hasenfuss, MDR, Berlin

2022 show me yours and I'll show you mine, short film (main role) 

director: Theresa Bergner, dffb, Berlin 


2022 Mutterliebe, short film, Gynaecologist (supporting role) 

director: Meta Lu Jülicher,  Frankfurt

2021 Zero, short film, Jessica (supporting role), 
Melih Tonyali, Ayşe Gül Var Production, Berlin 

2020 Nevermind!, short film, Vanessa (main role), directors: Daria Pantyukhova and Clara Jäschke, Frankfurt/Offenbach

2019 FRAU STERN, cinema, theatre crew (supporting role), director: Anatol Schuster, A+A Production, Berlin

Premiere Max Ophüls Preis​


2019 Award Best Supporting Actress Award, Die Seriale

2017 Nomination for Best Young Actress, Filmfest Munich

2014 Proskenion Nachwuchsförderpreis für Darstellende Kunst 


2013 Ad Infinitum scholarship


Nachtkritik on Proskenion Nachwuchsförderpreis für Darstellende Kunst:

"Anastasija Bräuniger imbues her characters with a high standard for herself and for art, said juror and founder of the foundation Lars Göhmann in his laudation. "Her acting is characterized by unusual imagination and clear thoughts." Her great interest in questions of content and form makes her act very conscious, consistent and innovative." 


Statement of the einfachMaria production team:

"Anastasija immediately enchanted us with her way and gave the role of VICKY in our series einfachMaria the perfect combination of naive, nerdy, loving and sexy. For this she was rightly awarded the prize Best Supporting Actress at the international web series festival DieSeriale. Working with her was professional from the beginning, always focused on content and absolutely reliable. A great benefit for the production."

Heilbronner Stimme on the performance in Life of Galilei​:

"But Bräuniger stutters with such sovereign matter-of-factness, as she succeeds in the most intense acting of the evening. As if it were up in the air."


2016-21 directing studies, Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch Berlin 


2010-14 acting studiesHochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock, Diploma of Excellence (1,0)


2019 FÜR DEN FILM camera acting training (12 weeks),

Berlin / Hamburg

2019 10er Block by Sigrid Andersson, Tankstelle Berlin

2018 Lucid Body training, Monika Gossmann,  F.I.N.D Schaubühne Berlin

2017 Clowning Workshop, Renana Ophir, Berlin 

2016 Ivana Chubbuck training, DAS Coaching-Netzwerk,

Snowdance Independent Film Festival Landsberg am Lech

2009-10 Berliner Schule für Schauspiel



2022 Self//Regulation, participatory installation by  Peggy Mädler und Mattef Kuhlmey,  Voice

director: Peggy Mädler und Mattef Kuhlmey, 


2020 Zeitalter des Staunens, David Heering, Ferdinand Cheval, director: Charlotte Lorentz, Berlin

2016 Don Quixote, Michael Bulgakow / Cervantes, Antonia,

director: Alejandro Quintana, Theater Heilbronn

2016 Rocky Horror Show, Richard O'Brien, Phantom,

director: Thomas Winter, Theater Heilbronn

2015 Gingerbread Man, David Wood, Miss Pepper,

director: Michael Blumenthal, Theater Heilbronn

2015 Life of Galilei, Bertolt Brecht, Virginia,

director: Esther Hattenbach, Theater Heilbronn

2015 Anne und Zef, Ad de Bont, Anne Frank,

director: Oliver Wronka, Theater Heilbronn

2015 Nur ein Tag, Martin Baltscheit, Mayfly,

director: Dirk Schirdewahn, Theater Heilbronn

2015 Don Karlos. Infant von Spanien, Friedrich Schiller, Princess Eboli, director: Axel Vornam, Theater Heilbronn

2014 Antigone, Sophokles, Euripides, Aischylos / text version by John von Düffel, Antigone,

director: Johanna Schall, Theater Heilbronn


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