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Heterotopie Moria  / teaser


Heterotopie Moria  / photos by Christophe Gateau



Heterotopie Moria / documentary devised theatre, 2021, 130 min, German and English

HfS Ernst Busch (Bühne UNTEN), showing 21.05. / 31.05.1021

concept and directed by Anastasija Bräuniger

People stuck in the mud for years, overcrowded tent camps, illegal push-backs at sea. The catastrophic situation for refugees off and on the Greek island of Lesbos reveals the impending failure of the European Convention on Human Rights. 

Five characters - based on five real experts and selected in a months-long research process - tell their stories and perspectives: A Greek farmer whose 300-year-old olive trees are repeatedly cut down by refugees for firewood, a German human rights lawyer from Bavaria who stands up against post-colonial injustice in Moria, a former Greek NGO worker, the Austrian political scientist and architect of the EU-Turkey deal Gerald Knaus and the Swedish EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson, who is working on her challenging mission. The audience finds itself in the middle of conflicting perspectives and is guided by a voice who has survived arriving in Europe.    

What do places like Moria say about us as Europeans, what do they say about the European idea? Looking at international law and agreements such as the Geneva Conventions: who bears political responsibility for the humanitarian situation and the violations at the EU borders?

with                                                                               Judith Florence Ehrhardt, Hannes Schumacher, Figen Türker, Kofi Wahlen, Sebastian Weiss, Anja Willutzki 

and (speaker and translator in  Farsi)          Bita Steinjan

concept and directed by                                     Anastasija Bräuniger

text and dramaturgy                                             Lukas Nowak 

text                                                                                 Sina Ahlers, David Heering, Georgi Jamburia, Mariam J., Linus Lutz

directing assistant                                                 Paula von Well 

dramaturgy assistant                                           So Young Kim

music / sound                                                           Josefine Lukschy und Alexander Meurer

stage / video                                                             Louis Caspar Schmitt

costume                                                                       Svenja Mangold and Clara Stürzl

hair / make-up                                                          Elena Ziegler

production assistant                                             Tommaso La Fauci


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