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2020 /  Paradies Hungern 

Paradies Hungern / filmic reading, 2020, 60min, German

Literaturhaus Berlin, premiere 05.05.20

concept and directed by Anastasija Bräuniger and Justus Rothlaender 

A film experiment with three actor/actresses, a camera and an empty house of literature.

With paradies hungern, the second part of Thomas Köck's Klimatrilogie, we question in an empty house and seemingly emptied Europe: What comes through to us, when we are occupied with our personal and national crises? How does Europe work when everyone is circling around themselves? In a staged reading, the actors/actresses move through the empty Literaturhaus, accompanied and followed by a camera.

The author and the artistic team comment on the reading in an open live chat ( youtube stream) on the 05.05.2020. 




concept and directed by 

dramaturgy and concept / co-directed by



music / sound

Judith Florence Ehrhardt, Katharina Leonore Goebel, Luis Quintana

Thomas Köck

Anastasija Bräuniger

Justus Rothlaender

Andreas Hartmann

Kai Ziarkowski

Julius Pollux Rothlaender

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