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Landschaft im Sturz / full video


Landschaft im Sturz  / trailer


Landschaft im Sturz interdisciplinary devised theatre, 2019, 80min, German

Bühne Unten Ernst Busch Berlin, premiere 08.12.2019 

concept and directed by: Anastasija Bräuniger

In Landschaft im Sturz Icarus draws circles at the bottom of the sea long named after him.  Around the abstract sculpture on the mirror-smooth stage and around himself. This Icarus questions his story, tries to remember, to make himself understood to us, and he rages. Who should hold the narration about what his flight and fall means? Who is to know wether we haven't always left some parts out? Perhaps the over centuries repeated story about the one who wants to fly higher and higher, who presumes to be the hero who overcomes all resistance and is punished for it, who falls and falls - perhaps this story overlooks the essential. The somewhat crooked mouth of Icarus, the time before the much sung about and supposedly failed heroic journey, the father, who himself always flew away from Brueghel's oil painting, while the son disappears into the sea. "Thanks, Pieter Brueghel,  thanks! You must paint me, but then you paint me as a crazy bum who plops into a pond..."

Landschaft im Sturz reveals itself as an evening in seemingly disparate images - and in different disciplines - when we suddenly discover a naturalistic installation in the ebbing of the desperately comical monologue monolith of Icarus in our backs, behind the rows of seats. This installation is not a great myth of the world conquest, nor is it the meaningful emptiness of the seabed or the theatre stage: a simple living room, a narrowly defined space of an old woman - a relative? - who reads in her armchair, who quietly mumbles about what she has lost, sometimes looking out of the window into a landscape that may only vaguely coincide with what she remembers.

The following third picture of Landschaft im Sturz is again a completely different one, but perhaps it is a parenthesis: At first on the TV, but soon also on the big screen in the background of the stage, the astronaut appears in his capsule, fresh from the dream factory, with the right soundtrack, with the right messages from Earth. Is he the missing person? Will he carry out the attempt for which Icarus is atoning over? 


concept and directed by    



stage / costume

music / sound            



sound design film    

sound mix                

graphic design              

Christiane Bräuniger, Hannes Schumacher

Anastasija Bräuniger

David Heering

Linus Lutz

Louis Caspar Schmitt

Hoyoung Im

Leonard Frederic Caspari

Kilian Funke

Franziska Arndt

Max Kersten

Alesa Mustar


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